Wednesday, March 02, 2011


There’s big ones mini ones and even magic ones! Here you have five roads converging on one spot and five mini roundabouts that work in the normal direction spread around an enormous roundabout that you can travel around in either direction!

The original Swindon magic roundabout was constructed in 1972 and named after the Childrens TV show popular at the time.  Originaly Le Manège enchanté the television show was created in France in 1963 where some 500 episodes were made and broardcast.  Those who recall watching the series were frequently traumatised by it’s unsettling theme song.

Despite being referred to as “One of the scariest road junctions” and “One of the World's Worst intersections” in England, British road planners decided to replicate the intersection in five other locations. Colchester, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Denham and Essex.

The Swindon magic roundabout inspired the song "English Roundabout" by the band XTC, on their album entitled English Settlement and is considered one of the 7 urban wonders of the world, in the city roads and streets category.

Here’s Bill Bailey.

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