Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dracula Sneeze

Another Urban Dictionary definition.

Dracula sneeze

Holding your arm up over your face in a position similar to Dracula holding up his cape and then sneezing into your elbow.

"Due to the H1N1 swine flu pandemic the Centre For Disease Control recommends using the Dracula sneeze technique to avoid spreading germs."

I often do something similar when I cough (Dracula cough!) so I get less germs on my hands.

Most people don't realise that Dracula use to moonlight as a chiropractor and only put his cape across his face to protect his professional image.

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  1. Does nobody remember War of the Worlds? This sort of Anti-Germist content is everywhere! People are being encouraged to keep small bottles of antibacterial fluids with them at all times. When the aliens come DON'T EXCPECT THEM TO HELP US AGAIN....and might I add that Dracula's not one to talk, what with his Haemophilic Porphyria and all