Monkey Episode Guide

Based on the classic sixteenth century Chinese novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. Filmed in north-west China and Inner Mongolia, the show was produced by Nippon Television (NTV).

I'll be adding (brief) reviews and character quotes gradually so check back for updates.

Series 1 - 26 episodes

Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven
Monkey Turns Nursemaid
The Great Journey Begins
Monkey Swallows the Universe
The Power of Youth
Even Monsters Can Be People
The Beginning of Wisdom
Pigsy Woos a Widow
What Monkey Calls the Dog-Woman
Pigsy's in the Well
The Difference Between Night and Day
Pearls Before Swine
The Minx and the Slug
Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer
Monkey Meets the Demon Digger
The Most Monstrous Monster
Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil
Land for the Locusts
Vampire Master
Outrageous Coincidences
Pigsy, King and God
Village of the Undead
Two Little Blessings
The Fires of Jealousy
The Country of Nightmares
The End of the Way

Series 2 - 13 episodes aired on TV, 13 episodes DVD only*.

Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies
The Dogs of Death
You Win Some, You Lose Some *
Pigsy Learns A Lesson *
The Land With Two Suns *
The House of the Evil Spirit *
Am I Dreaming? *
The Tormented Emperor *
Between Heaven and Hell *
The Foolish Philosopher
Who Am I?
What is Wisdom?
The Fountain of Youth
Better The Demon You Know *
A Shadow So Huge
Keep on Dancing
Give and Take
Such a Nice Monster
The Fake Pilgrims *
 Pretty as a Picture
 The Tenacious Tomboy *
 Stoned *
 Hungry Like The Wolf *
 Monkey's Yearning *
 At the Top of the Mountain

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