Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sexy Saucer People

I’ve decided to do a book cover review.  Not a book review, a book cover review.  “Those Sexy Saucer People” is a Greenleaf Classic book by Jan Hudson, which I’ve discovered is an alias.  The authors name is actually, George H Smith.  Apparently he wasn’t all that proud of what he’d written in this novel.

The brunette on the right looks like she is drugged, possibly by the red (sexy?) alien who has a syringe in one hand.  The Blond in the foreground appears to have a severe hangover and “morning after" regret.  The (sexy?) red alien in the centre appears to be contemplating his urine therapy treatment.  Possibly because it was donated by the blond, which could also explain the morning after regret.  The (sexy?) alien in the background has a square behind that has a similar shape to a small television.

1 comment:

  1. I thought the blond looks like she's contemplating the wisdom of modelling for this cover, the brunette is definitely on the wonky side, and the guy in the back MUST be drunk, as he appears to be trying to wave down a hover-cab sans futuristicy space-garb..