Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sondra Prills Jam

Sondra Prill  was a former "singer" from Tampa, Florida who starred in her own public-access television show in 1987, simply entitled My Show, singing hits of the time.  Despite feedback from critics and the general public about her off-tone singing, her television show ran until 1992.
On October 16, 1992 she performed at the Tampa Bay Performing Art Centre starring in her own event called, Sultry Sondra: A Musical Fantasy. A total of 41 paying attendees came to see her, however the official head count put the number of people in attendance closer to 70, with the vice president of marketing for the centre concluding, "She might have comped some folks."  At the finale of the show, Prill had honey poured all over her, in what seemed to be a literal interpretation of the lyrics to the song, "Oh, You Sexpot Honey."  Prill planned to do the finale nude, but the performing arts centre made her wear a body stocking.  After the performance a backup singer walked out from backstage to say good night and to apologise to the audience. 
With the advent of the internet and sties such as YouTube, Prill has gained some popularity as an Internet Meme. Despite this more recent popularity, her current whereabouts are unconfirmed as of 2007, she may be hiding-out.
Here's Sondras rendition of Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam (her "Sand In My Crack" Mix)
The honey-pouring performance was videotaped for her program but the tape went missing, and never aired.

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