Saturday, March 10, 2012

All The Short Words

Remember when you were a kid and you played scrabble, and you haven't got any good letter combinations so you put down words like “Um” and “Ha” but your parents would tell you it's not a real word.  Well turns out they were cheating! There's over a hundred two letter words and they are all allowed under official international scrabble tournament rules.

This is how you cheat and get away with it next scrabble match. Here's the list of all the two letter words allowed in scrabble under international rules. The (+s) shows if you can just add an “s”

AA (+s) type of Hawaiian lava
AB (+s) short for Abdominal muscle
AD (+s) short for Advertisement
AE Scottish for one (also YAE)
AG (+s) short for Agriculture
AH (+s) express surprise or joy
AI (+s) Tupian for three-toed sloth
AL (+s) East Indian shrub (also AAL)
AM exist
AN indefinite article
AR (+s) letter ‘R’
AS (+s) Norse god
AT denoting place or time
AW expressing sympathy
AX chop or cut down (also AXE)
AY (+s) affirmative vote (also AYE)
BA (+s) ancient Egyptian soul
BE (+s) exist (BES Hebrew letter)
BI (+s) short for bisexual
BO (+s) pal or buddy
BY (+s) pass to the next round (also BYE)
CH dialectic ‘I’
DA (+s) heavy Burmese knife
DE from, as used in names
DI (+s) Latin for god (also DEI) (DIS dismiss or put down)
DO (+s) musical note
EA (+s) dial river
ED (+s) short for education
EE Scottish for eye (also EEN)
EF (+s) letter ‘F’
EH (+s) say 'eh'
EL (+s) letter ‘L’
EM (+s) letter ‘M’
EN (+s) letter ‘N’
ER (+s) expressing hesitation (ERS bitter)
ES (+s) letter ‘S’ (also ESS)
ET short for eat
EX cross out
FA (+s) musical note (also FAH)
FE (+s) Hebrew letter (also FEH)
FY expressing reproach
GI (+s) martial arts uniform
GO (+s) move
GU (+s) old Shetland violin (also GUE GJU)
HA (+s) expressing surprise
HE (+s) male
HI (+s) calling attention
HM expressing hesitation (also HMM)
HO (+s) halt (also HOH HOA)
ID (+s) self
IF (+s) condition
IN (+s) gather in harvest
IO (+s) cry expressing triumph
IS exist
IT (+s) neuter of he, she, him, or her
JA German for yes
JO Scottish for loved one
KA (+s) serve (also KAE)
KI (+s) Japanese martial art spirit
KO (+s) Maori digging-stick
KY cattle
LA (+s) musical note (also LAH)
LI (+s) Chinese unit of distance
LO (+s) see or look (LOS arch expressing praise)
MA (+s) mother
ME (+s) musical note (also MI)
MI (+s) musical note (also ME)
MM expressing agreement
MO (+s) short for moment
MU (+s) Greek letter
MY belonging to me
NA (+s) Scottish no, not at all (NAS has not, or was not)
NE born with the name of
NO (+s) negative response
NU (+s) Greek letter
NY (+s) approach (also NYE NIE)
OB (+s) short for objection
OD (+s) mystical force
OE (+s) Scottish for grandchild (also OY OYE)
OF belonging to
OH (+s) express surprise
OI attracting attention
OM (+s) intoned Hindu symbol
ON (+s) go on with
OO (+s) Scot wool
OP (+s) short for operation
OR (+s) heraldic colour, gold
OS Latin for bone
OU (+s) South African for bloke
OW expressing pain
OX bovine animal, clumsy person
OY (+s) Scottish for grandchild (also OE OYE)
PA (+s) father
PE (+s) Hebrew letter (also PEH)
PI (+s) Greek letter, confuse (also PIE PYE)
PO (+s) short for chamberpot
QI (+s) Chinese physical life-force
RE (+s) musical note
SH requesting silence (also SHA SHH)
SI (+s) musical note
SO (+s) musical note (also SOH SOL)
ST requesting silence
TA (+s) expression of thanks
TE (+s) musical note (also TI)
TI (+s) musical note (also TE)
TO in the direction of
UG (+s) dread or loathe
UH expressing surprise
UM expressing doubt or hesitation (also UMM)
UN (+s) dial one
UP (+s) move up
UR expressing hesitation
US we
UT (+s) musical note
WE group that includes me
WO (+s) misery (also WOE)
XI (+s) Greek letter
XU Vietnamese money
YA you
YE (+s) arch you
YO (+s) call for attention
YU (+s) Chinese for precious jade
ZA (+s) short for pizza
ZO (+s) Tibetan yak (also DZO ZHO DZHO DSO)

See with these short words, getting rid of that difficult letter tile is now easy and you can argue your word with confidence and if they dispute your claim you can tell them to go Funk and Wagnalls.

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