Thursday, June 02, 2011

Toilet Behaviour

Whenever I use the toilets at work or pubic toilets, I have this fear of being the victim of false accusations as I’m leaving.  When you use the toilet and someone before you has stunk the whole place up, then when you are done in there and someone comes in as you are leaving or washing up, that person is gong to think you are the one that stunk the whole place up.

If it's a really bad stink that makes them gag and dry retch they’re going to think you are the really gross one for stinking the place up so badly. If you are at work, or similar environment, that persons going to associate the stink with you every time they see you in passing for at least the rest of the day.  Maybe even forever.

It's like an olfactory case of mistaken identity.

 The only way around it is to stake out the toilet and pick the least busy time then hope no one changes their routine and ends up finding you guilty for a crime you didn’t commit.

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