Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here Fluffy

Not everyone has heard the song Fluffy by Gloria Balsam, but those who have can never forget it.

Gloria originally performed with her group Psychotic Pineapple mostly performing locally until one day in 1978, Gloria and Psychotic Pineapple were performing at the Berkeley Campus of the University of California, opening for Talking Heads. As she sang, her shrill reverberated around the valley entrancing one Jeff Finder, sitting on the hill side.  Jeff was heir to a Californian newspaper and his hypnotic entrancement extended to putting up the finance required for Glorias single.
One thousand copies of Fluffy were pressed in the spring 1980 on the Richmond label, many copies finding their way to alternative radio stations. The single gained airplay in Boston and New York and a few copies even made it to the UK and Australia. Gloria’s pinnacle came when Fluffy was featured on Rhino’s World’s Worst Records.  Shortly afterwards Gloria opened at the Mabuhay for Devo, the Jim Carrol Band, Dead Kennedys, the Cramps, the Offs and many others.

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