Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tarzan Presley

In my quest for questionable book covers to review, I have once again discovered an obscure book I absolutely need to read. Behold  Tarzan Presley by Nigel Cox.

Now normally I'd be commenting on how the depiction of Tarzan Presley has only a thin fern to hide his naked genitals, prompting the similarly clad woman to give a look of disappointment as she lowers her binoculars, along with the irony that the authors name is Cox.  But not this time.  This time we read story outline on the back cover:
"Raised by gorillas in the wild jungles of New Zealand, scarred by battles with vicious giant weta, seduced by a beautiful scientist, discovered by Memphis record producer Sam Phillips and adored by millions, the dirt-to-dreams life story of Tarzan Presley is as legendary as his 30 number one hits.

But that story came to a dramatic end in 1977 when Tarzan topped himself. Now a big breakthrough as a new manuscript left by Tarzan is discovered we are able to find out what really happened and what it really felt like to be Tarzan Presley."
It's the Elvis story. it's the Tarzan story. It's a book I need to read.  Sadly this book will not be reprinted because not only has the imaginative author died but because of copyright issues (the Tarzan people got irate at the use of the Tarzan image).  Even more sadly, on further investigation Tarzan Presley (printed in 2004) is not just an obscure book but is in fact a modern rare book with the average asking price of $1500.

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