Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creepy Crazy Relatives

Missed doing a post about Mothers Day the other week, on account of being overseas at the time.  Anyway, I think there should be more days to celebrate family members each year.  I propose Crazy Aunts Day and Creepy Uncles Day.
Crazy Aunts Day will be a day to give a token card to your mental aunty who's house is so full of hoarded trash that only her fifty seven cats can navigate it.
And similarly Creepy Uncles Day is a day to pay a visit to that uncle with the hentai collection who's isn't allowed within 500m of a school.
Crazy Aunts Day and Creepy Uncles Day is the best way to go to show your appreciation for those Uncles and Aunts that are completely unappreciable.

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