Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegetable Sadism

This book delves into the subject of one of the most disturbed personality types known to man: The vegetarian...

Vegetarian personality disorder involves mistrust specifically related to the content of the dinner plate. “Individual thinks that there are pieces of dead animals on his plate…. In advanced stages of the disorder, the individual suspects that there are minuscule animal by-products mixed with his food."
The book finds that vegetarians exhibit "schizoid-like inability to empathise with certain living organisms (usually vegetables)" and "Paranoid and hyper-vigilant preoccupation with the oral zone..."  The hunter who kills animals for meat gives the pursued animal a chance to escape. How more sadistically cruel is the non-meat eater? What is the likelihood that the tranquil carrot can successfully outrun its vicious vegan predator?

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