Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swords by Candlelight

I'm trying not to talk to much about the flood because the talk about it is everywhere else.  but with the flood waters rising here, the other night our power was cut off until morning leaving me to occupy myself in the middle of the night by candle light.  I thought about reading a book but the idea of setting fire to the pages and waking up the rest of the house with burnt screaming put me off that.  I ended up doing some sword training in the candle light, returning to a plan of doing 3000 cuts each day (in my underwear!).  I've found 3000 cuts a day is a bit harsh on my shoulders so I'm only managing about 3 or so days in a week for now.

The following morning parts of the CBD were flooded and I went looting to see how bad the damage was.   The water is not far below the levels to the 1974 flood. Here's a comparative picture of one of the local pubs, one from 1974 and one I took while the water was still rising another meter or so.

Wtih the dams at 190% capacity the local council has still not yet removed the level 4 water restrictions from the drought one and a half years ago.

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  1. Well, it's a lot better than your christmas idea last year "Carols With Swordfight"